Jerusalem 2024

March 8 2024 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Elisheva Kelsen

This year, I am proud to be a member of Team Yachad Jerusalem! Our team will be running in the Jerusalem Marathon on March 8th, 2024 to benefit Yachad Israel.

Yachad is dedicated to addressing the needs of all individuals with disabilities and including them in the Jewish community. Yachad activities provide the members with opportunities for personal growth and enriched lives. The 'inclusive design' gives the special population their rightful place within the Jewish community, while helping to educate the community about the members' abilities and strengths. Yachad works very hard to provide their services each year!

It would create a huge impact for not only me and the Yachad organization but also the Yachad participants!!

To make your donation online at by selecting my name from the list of runners or visit

Thanks so much! Visit my team's page

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  • Esther Spear $10.00

    U got this!!❤️

  • Edward Arfe $54.00

    Elisheva Chana KELSEN: May you continue to bring us nachat. You are a great young lady running for a great cause. Tizki lmitzvot. Saba and Savta

  • Tamar Schiffman $180.00

    We are so proud of you Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this. Tisku L’mitzvot

  • Erica and Alex Kelsen $180.00

    Wow! We are so proud of you :) good luck!

  • Lori & Ely Perelmuter $53.43

    שתלכי בדרכים ישרות אלופה מאוד גאים בך אוהבים כל הפרלמוטרים

  • Moshe Kelsen $54.00

    So proud of you! Good Luck!

  • Florida Josephs $18.00

    Go Shev! May you continue to make us all so proud for all your involvement in great causes for the Jewish Nation.

  • Sorah Fisher $10.00


  • David and Sue Kelsen $100.00

    Hi we are very proud of you! We will watch you run tomorrow love Ada and Bob