Jerusalem 2024

March 8 2024 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Atara Cywiak

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  • Aryeh Cywiak $18.00

    My best sister! Love, Aryeh

  • Shlomo Cywiak $19.00

    I gave more than aryeh

  • Tehilla Esses $20.00

    More than your triplets! Also yay atara run like the wind

  • Shlomo and Frimee Goldstein $50.00

    Hurray for the marathon cause now you’re posting on your status!

  • Shulamis and Meir Guez $54.00

    In honor of my beautiful niece (inside and out) who actually lets me be on her status!

  • Shloimy and Aliza Zelcer $50.00

    Go tar tar!

  • Moshe and Batsheva Weiss $100.00

    Go Tar Tar! Your the best!!

  • Esti Scharf $18.00
  • Dvora and Moshe Cywiak $180.00

    We are so proud of you!