Jerusalem 2020

March 20 2020 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Team Cohen

Yachad is a non-profit organization that addresses the needs of people with disabilities and through events and shabbatonim, helps each person feel included. Their motto is “Because everyone belongs” and they stress that no matter who you are, what you look like, or what you’re going through, everyone has a place where they truly CAN belong.

The Cohen family has been involved with Yachad for many years through shabatonim, on high school board, three half-marathons, and countless events. To find such an amazing organization to which we can dedicate our time is exceptional; to do so as a family is extraordinary.

Just as each person is unique, so are our connections to Yachad:

My first exposure to Yachad was as an advisor on shabatonim while I was a university student. It was a rewarding way to spend a few weekends a year; little did I know that it would turn into a way for me to connect with my children.

This will B”EH be the third half-marathon I will be running with my children, and I can’t think of a better organization to be doing it with.

My involvement with Yachad started in my freshman year of high school, and has only grown since! After being an active participant in both events and as a member of the high school board, I have been able to continue my involvement in Israel as an advisor on shabbatonim, and an active member of the leadership committee.

Baruch Hashem this will be my fourth consecutive year running with Team Yachad, and I can't wait to do it with my family! Thank you so much for your support!

I have been involved with this organization for around three years and can proudly say that it has taken over my life. I was on the high school board my sophomore year and now have the pleasure to be the first Junior president of Chicago Yachad. This organization has changed my life and I couldn’t thank Yachad enough for helping my high school experience be more meaningful and more exciting then it would have been.

Thank you so much in advance for helping me reach my goal!!

I started getting involved with junior yachad in seventh grade. My siblings inspired me to start and it's really made an impression. I continued to do junior yachad through the rest of middle school, and now do it as a freshman in high school. I haven’t been involved in the organization for a long time, and yet it has taught me so much and made me a better person. Yachad has an amazing goal in this world and I hope to help be a part of it. This will be my first year running with yachad and IY”H, with your support, I will be running with my father and two of my siblings.

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  • Carol Schikman $36.00
  • Margalit Tocher Auntie M and Jordan $108.00

    Awesome cause, awesome team.

  • Rachel and Manolo and the Rider-Leiner Family $54.00

    You are amazing!!

  • Irving Kempner $144.00

    Proud to support the Running of the Cohens for Yachad. Saba K and Nana

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    Go team Cohen!!!

  • Yehuda Girnun $5.00

    Pelah u got me to go now I'm gonna beat u.

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    Go Team Cohen!

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    Go Team Cohen!!! A family of runners! So proud of all of you. Have a great run!

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    Go Running Aces!

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    Run well, Cohens. Hatzlacha rabbah

  • Ralph Siegel $180.00

    Yasher Koach! Go Team Cohen

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    Go Team Cohen!!

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  • Arriene Kaplan $18.00

    In honor of my brother-in-law Rabbi Tsvi Haskell of Skokie

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    Go team cohen!

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  • Margalit Tocher $144.00

    Speechless. If anyone donates $500, I'll tell them about the questionable tactics that led to this donation. Oh, and great cause, Cohens!

  • Eugénie Kohanchi $126.00

    Best of luck!!! Rooting for you all!

  • Becky Starck $36.00

    In Z'Chut of a refuah shelamah for Ephraim Tzvi Moshe Ben Shulamit Tzivia and Itay Yaakov Ben Tziporah; may hashem grant their whole family strength.

  • Roffe Family $36.00

    Yasher koach Cohen family!

  • Wendy margolin $100.00

    So proud of you people!

  • Marissa Kempner $154.00

    Go team Cohen!!! Run like the wind!!!

  • Jon & Devorah Greenfield $36.00

    Run Cohens Run!

  • Douglas Kofoid $200.00
  • Marc and Cheryl Carl $72.00
  • Dr, Mark Popovsky $100.00

    Go Team Cohen. You folks are great. Happy Hanukkah.

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  • Ellen and Al Cohen $72.00

    Cohen's are the best

  • Tally and Aaron Marcus and family $72.00

    You are such an inspirational family! Keep Goin Team Cohen :)

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    Hatzlacha rabba

  • Nathan Serlin $100.00

    Good luck Cohen family

  • Michelle Drucker $18.00

    Best of Luck

  • Dennis and Debbie Burg $36.00

    Go Team Cohen! So proud to call you friends!

  • Ephraim Fruchter $28.59
  • Arnie Levitan $72.00

    Your family approach to tzadakah is indeed a bracha!

  • Ira Wiznitzer $54.00
  • Anonymous $20.00

    Good luck!

  • Daveed Hagage $24.00
  • sheila singer $100.00
  • David Assoulin $36.00

    Tiskelu haMitzvot! See you in March beezrat Hashem!!

  • amy k $200.00
  • Rebecca and Jeremy Amster $36.00

    Way to go!

  • Joey Lightstone $103.85
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  • Adrianne, Scott, Yis, Raanan, and Tavi Burgher $18.00

    Go Team Cohen!!

  • Ralph Siegel $72.00

    Yasher Koach your team is great!

  • Anonymous $500.00

    Keep on - you're getting there!!!

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    Go Team Cohen!

  • susan and irving zagorin $36.00

    Wonderful family experience for a terrific cause.

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  • The Herman Family $118.00

    Run, Team Cohen, Run!!!

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  • Anonymous $360.00

    Go COHENS!

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    Very proud! Kol Hakavod

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    Good luck, team Cohen!

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  • Rabbi Jerry and Jocie Isenberg $360.00

    Y'yasher Kochachem!

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  • Anonymous $1000.00

    glad to be of help :)

  • Robbie and Scott Fretzin $54.00
  • Goltz Family $18.00

    Good Luck!

  • Irving Kempner $100.00

    If anyone can do it the Cohens Can

  • Malka Zeiger $50.00

    B'hatzlacha!! the Simkovich family

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    Go Team Cohen!

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    Thank you to everyone who donated cash!

  • Match Donation $36.00
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    Happy to donate twice. Cohens rock!

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    Go team Cohen!!!! You guys rock!

  • Daniel Shimshak $18.00

    Stop by my apartment for a few beers along the way. You pass right by. That will make you run.

  • Rebecca Singer $18.00


  • Rena Selya Cohen $36.00

    Go Team (other) Cohen Go! Love, Rena, Rebecca, and Leah

  • Phillip Zbaraz $36.00

    Thank you for all your work are a positive force for your community.

  • Irv Shapiro $250.00

    I am a fan on both Yachad and the Cohen family. All the best.

  • Kayla Kupietzky $100.00

    Pelah and Naomi, really proud of you!

  • Anonymous $54.00

    You're amazing!! Keep changing the world one step at a time

  • Team Yachad $250.00