Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Team Adler

We thank you so much for helping us raise funds for Yachad, an organization dedicated to including individuals with disabilities in all aspects of Jewish life. Yachad is a Hebrew word meaning TOGETHER, and this is the mission of Yachad. We have seen firsthand, from participating in Yachad events since January the difference Yachad makes in people’s lives. Yachad provides supports and services to children and adults in many ways including, weekday events, Shabbatons (weekend retreats), summer camp programs, trips to Israel and so much more. Yachad operates across the US, Canada and Israel, impacting thousands of people every year. Unlike many other programs, Yachad does not receive government funding for these programs and relies on the generosity of people like you.
We are 3 sisters ages 16, 12 and 9 years old at the time of the marathon. Nechama, 16 attends MSH in North Woodmere, NY. Nechama enjoys attending Yachad events, working with small children, and spending time with her friends from Far Rockaway, and Long Island. Toby, 12 attends Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway, NY. Toby enjoys attending Yachad events, has an inquisitive mind, and is on her way to becoming a world class baker. Hannah, 9 attends Torah Academy for Girls with Toby. Hannah loves Yachad events, water activities and creating and playing with slime with her friends.
We so appreciate you joining us at any level you are comfortable with as we run to raise funds for the individuals and families whose lives are brightened by all Yachad has to offer.

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Team Members


  • Devorah Weinstein $100.00

    Good luck! May this be the first of many awesome endeavors helping the Jewish community!

  • Shuie Brick $100.00

    In honor of the Adler’s. A family whose commitment to the klal is felt by all. Avromi , may you and your wife keep seeing nachas from all your children. Shuie and Suri Brick

  • Steven Lerner $100.00
  • Shifra Kramer $54.00

    So proud of you all

  • Michael and Wendy Sasnow $54.00

    Go Team!

  • Anonymous $36.00

    Hatzlacha and tizku l'mitzvos!

  • Esther Gottlieb $180.00

    Good luck!!!

  • Evalee Gross $150.00

    Much Hatzlacha to each of you!

  • Nechama Adler $100.00

    Happy training!

  • Rachel Roitman $100.00
  • Anonymous $1000.00

    Go team Adler

  • Rabbi, Dr Marty and Caroline Schloss $54.00

    Lots of luck.

  • Alison and Chaim Basch $250.00

    Go Adlers - You can do it! Proud of all of you!!!

  • opa and bubby Adler $100.00
  • David Kaplan $180.00
  • Yissachar & Shaindy Clenman $100.00

    Hatzlacha Adlers!

  • Jacob & Thea Berkowitz $180.00
  • Zivyah Krinsky $50.00

    Lots of luck go Team Adler!

  • Noni and Grampi Tonge Sasnow $250.00

    Hugs and good wishes, go team!

  • Anonymous $180.00

    Such a great thing to involve the family in.

  • Glaser Family $180.00
  • Chani & Daniel Herrmann $50.00

    Go Team Adler! May you continue to inspire those around you! Chani & Daniel Herrmann

  • Eli Spirn $20.00
  • Sarah & Avromie Adler $500.00

    We are so proud of your enthusiastic support of Yachad!

  • Kraus Family $18.00
  • Suri and eliot Friedman $36.00
  • Lejbovitz family $10.00

    Cookies look great! Good shabbos!

  • Sara Ireland-Cooperman Ireland $36.00

    Way to go, Team Adler! From your friends at Cleveland Yachad

  • Anonymous $15.00
  • Moskowitz Family $15.00
  • Avery Stok $180.00

    Fantastic! Go Team Adler!!!!

  • Zions Family $100.00

    Go team Adler !

  • Hannah Moore $18.00
  • Rena Gordon $180.00

    Go Team!!!

  • Amy & Elliot Kurtz $150.00

    Much Hatzlacha!

  • Kreindler Family $10.00

    Good luck!!

  • Anonymous $36.00
  • Malka Kruger $36.00

    Go, Team Adler! So impressed by your hard work and commitment to this special cause.

  • Rebecca Spirn $36.00

    Good luck everyone!!!!!

  • Anonymous $60.00
  • Josh Farkovits $500.00

    Go Adlers!

  • Zachary & Esther Sandman $48.00
  • Nechama Hertzel $36.00
  • Howard & Rachel Winter $36.00
  • Aronette & Judah Garfinkel $36.00
  • Harvey & Pamela Rosenfeld $18.00
  • Mark & Judith Merlis $72.00
  • Beth & Steven Lerner $72.00
  • Irving & Sandra Levine $100.00
  • Sara Liba Tropper $36.00

    Good luck!

  • moshe adler $36.00

    GO ADLERS cleveland cousins

  • Toby Adler $200.00

    Go team.

  • Anonymous $276.00

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jacob Silver $54.00

    HATZLACHAH Rabbah!

  • Esther Lejbovitz $8.00

    Ty again!

  • Anonymous $1000.00
  • Nochum and avigayil WOLF $180.00

    Go adlers!

  • Batya Jacob $54.00
  • Sarah Adler $54.00

    In memory of Sherry bas Yehuda.

  • Anonymous $100.00

    as time heats up, chill out you're almost there. go team adler PHIL BROWN HTG & A/C

  • Team Yachad $250.00


  • Team Yachad $250.00