Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Shira Rosenzweig

Hi Everyone!! This year I am planning on running the Jerusalem marathon for Yachad. Yachad is an organization that helps integrate Jews with special needs into society. Their goal is to enforce a mindset that everyone belongs no matter who you are. A few of many services that Yachad offers are social programming for all age groups, weekend retreats, family support groups, vocational training and job placements. Yachad helps to educate and bring a more understanding and inclusive attitude towards the special needs population. I have been so fortunate to have spent the past few summers with Yachad, from Yad b’ Yad (Yachad’s Israel experience) to Yachad fellowship to being a Yachad trained counselor at Moshava Alevy (in Running Springs, California). During these summers I didn’t just feel like I was just giving to Yachad, but I felt that Yachad gave so much to me. Yachad taught me that every single person has a purpose in society, and you can learn so much from everyone. I really see how much more aware I am to include everyone in my day to day life. Therefore, I would love to give back to Yachad this year by raising 613 dollars for them and run in the marathon.
Really every dollar counts and would be so appreciated!
Tizku L’ Mitzvot!! Visit my team's page

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    good luck start practicing maybe you run with harrry !!

  • Barbara and Joey Rotenberg $100.00

    Best of luck, Shira! You're running for a great cause.

  • Judy & Bob Friedman $100.00

    Kol Hakavod Shira!

  • Sharon and Heshy Kestenbaum $50.00

    Keep up the great work for Yachad!

  • ANN BEREZIN $36.00

    Go Shira!

  • Dassy & Azriel Chelst $18.00

    Good luck!

  • Heshy Zweig $180.00