Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Lilly Fuchs

This March (IYH) I will be running with Team Yachad in the Jerusalem marathon!! For the past 4 years I have been actively involved with Yachad, an organization promoting inclusion for individuals with special needs in our Jewish communities. Yachad is an amazing organization, and I have been incredibly lucky to have been so involved. I went on Yad B’Yad in 2017, I was a fellow in Morasha Yachad in 2018, I worked as a counselor in Morasha Yachad in 2019, and I plan to return again to Camp Morasha Yachad as a counselor this coming summer. I love working in yachad because of the many values it has taught me. I genuinely enjoy promoting inclusion everywhere I go. Yachad has made such an impact on my life, and I’m very excited to run with them this year. I’d really appreciate anything to help me reach my goal. Thank you:)! Visit my team's page

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  • Lauren Fuchs $18.00

    GO LILLY!!

  • Deena and Josh $19.00

    Go Lilly!! Make us proud!

  • Alex Fuchs $36.00

    Because I’m the best sister. Also yeah go you I guess!

  • Debi Peled $72.00
  • Isaac Markovitz $37.00

    Lol... I win.

  • Shep Family $36.00


  • Ruthie & Ari Schreiber $36.00


  • Rachel Markovitz $20.00

    Good luck! You are doing a great thing- Love you to pieces! Kayla and the Markovitz Family

  • Shira & Ozi Glass $54.00

    Go Lilly!

  • Kopstick Fam $54.00

    Woo hoo! Go Lilly! We're so proud of you! Miss you tons!

  • Rina & Mo Fuchs $180.00

    Hoot hoot! Keep making us proud! We ❤️you! Mommy and Daddy

  • Leora Dallas $1.00

    You made it!

  • Kayla Tarlow $1.00

    Hi Lill!!

  • Chicago Glasses $36.00

    Run Lilly run!

  • Donny Fuchs $25.00

    Here’s to many more marathons... Run like the wind Lilly