Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Goldie Perlowitz

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  • Team Yachad $250.00


  • Anonymous $540.00

    Go Goldee ! Abba and Mommy

  • Avi Pruzansky $100.00

    Goldie, You're amazing and we are so proud that you are involved in this terrific chessed organization.

  • M&S Hertz Hertz $100.00

    Love your awesome energy Goldie! May it get you to the finish line with your amazing smile!!

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Dearest Goldie, You are one amazing fabulous young woman. I cherish all the Chesed hugs and love you provide for your beautiful Yachad friends. Much Mazel with your run. Love Ma

  • Susan Wohlgelernter $250.00

    Go Goldie!! Always going for the Gold!! We’re so proud of you! Bubbie and Zaydie Wohlgelernter

  • Y&S Nagel $100.00

    Wow, Goldie! We are very proud of you! When are you coming to visit us in TX?

  • Yehoshua and Nechama Nisenbaum $100.00

    Go Goldie! You light up this world with your smile and positive attitude!! Run and Have fun!!

  • Yoel and Chayah Fuld $180.00

    Go Goldie!!!

  • Jonathan and Anat Stein $180.00

    Goldie - Hatzalach on the run and on raising money for such an great cause!

  • HRH The Duke of Milford $360.00

    Outstanding & Extraordinary way to dedicate your time. Keep making us proud!

  • Perrie Nordlicht $36.00

    Tizki lemitzvot! Go for it!

  • Dalia and Efraim Nagel $36.00

    Tizku Limitzvot Goldie! Chava is so excited join you this summer!

  • Philip Ort $75.00

    Goldie - thank you for always making me proud

  • Michelle & Bentzy Nagel $36.00

    Happy Chanukah!! Have a great time in Israel!

  • Daniel and Elana Peikes $100.00

    We're so proud of you! Keep up your amazing work!

  • Yonah & Miram Holland $54.00

    Run Goldie, Run!!!!

  • Serwatien Family $100.00

    You go Goldie!

  • Dov Ort $100.00

    GO GOLDIE GO!!!!! You rock! Love from your Denver cousins!

  • Mark & Faigy Ort $180.00
  • Bernard & Sherry Perlowitz $360.00