Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Brian Racer

Hi! I'm Brian and I'll be running for Team Yachad in the Jerusalem Marathon this year! Last year, I pushed myself like I never had before, and put myself through excruciating pain, to conquer the hills of Jerusalem and complete the whole 10k. I wanted to spice it up a little for this year, so I signed up to run the full marathon. Just a little bit of a jump.

Yachad is an organization that promotes inclusion for people with special needs, with chapters in all of our local Jewish communities. I have been a part of Yachad for 3 years, and I can tell you firsthand that you will not find a happier atmosphere in a room full of people than at a Yachad event or Shabbaton. Yachad has given me an insight into true happiness, and I have seen it male an impact on so many people's lives, including mine. Knowing that I am running for Yachad is the only thing in the world that could push me past my limits for months straight, as aside from my last name, I am not really a runner.

So please, if you could be generous and donate some money towards my $3000 goal, you know the money will be going to helping people in your own communities feel accepted and valued. I will proudly be sporting my Yachad gear for all 26.2 miles (or 42 kilometers), so that everybody can see how devoted I am to this incredible organization.
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  • Hillel Goldstein $100.00
  • Dina & Jesse Schwartzman $18.00

    Such a Kiddush Hashem Brian. You bring Nachat to your family and the entire community. I admire you taking on the full marathon - this is quite a challenge.

  • Yael & Allan Sebbag $100.00
  • Freda & Yoni Bak $18.00
  • Yaakov and Shira Lisker $100.00
  • leora Lowe $50.00

    Good luck Brian!

  • Anonymous $100.00
  • David & Lorie Greenberg $72.00
  • Rachelle Zomick $18.00

    What a beautiful mitzva. Yasher Koach! The Zomicks

  • Loretta and Marc Paley $100.00

    Happy to participate in this mitzvah. Good luck with the run.

  • Sunni Herman $36.00

    Run strong!

  • Jennifer Prince $36.00

    Go Brian!

  • Achihud Adamit $100.00

    Nice work, Brian!

  • Jonathan and Jill Katz $100.00

    Go Brian!

  • Amy & Ryan Hyman $18.00

    Good Luck!

  • Janet and Lior HOD $100.00

    Tizku l'mitzvot, Brian!

  • dennis katz $100.00

    Go for it!

  • David Roher $100.00

    Run Forrst, run!

  • Arthur and Judy Racer $300.00

    Dear Brian, We are so proud of you!!! Good Luck!!! We love you very much!!! Savta and Saba

  • Michelle & Ari Lifschitz $36.00
  • Chaim Piekarski Harry Klein $360.00

    Chaim Piekarski & Harry Klein

  • David and Debbie Tyler $36.00

    Run Brian Run!

  • Brocha & Michael Gutlove $54.00

    Way to go, Brian!

  • Ariella Kramarz $36.00

    Way to go Brian!

  • freeda muller $36.00
  • David Roher $100.00

    Run like your mother is cleaning your room.

  • Aliza Kadish $18.00
  • Mommy & Daddy $180.00

    We’re so proud of you, Brian!

  • Michael Wimpfheimer $118.00
  • Match Donation $416.00