Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Tali Andron

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  • stuart and ruth fischman $30.87

    We love you Avital!!! Go! Go! Go! Ruth, Stu and the kids

  • Joanna Griffin $25.00

    Have fun! We miss you! Love Joanna, Martye, Maya and Noah

  • Valerie Rubin $100.00

    We are always so proud of you and moved to tears that your continue to keep Chani’s memory alive. We love you. Val and Dovid

  • Yeshaya Fischman $50.00

    You rock!

  • susan/Saul tober/Andron $100.00

    Avital, always looking to do a mitzvah! You're the best. Love Abba and Ima

  • Kenneth Hoffman $125.00

    Avital - well done. Keep up the good work, and see if you can get Shaya to run with you!!!!

  • Shoshana Axler $18.00

    Keep up the good work!

  • Felicia and Jim Tober $21.00

    Go Avital! Love, Felicia and Jim

  • Elisha Andron $36.00

    Go Avital! Elisha, Dina, Noam, and Daniella

  • Yisraela Fischman $60.41

    Go go go!

  • Mindy Davis $54.61

    I'm sure Chani is cheering you on from shamayim! May her neshama have an aliyah.

  • Aleza Andron Andron $36.00

    You are amazing. Go avital !! Love A&D, K&A

  • Mollie Andron $22.00

    Way to go Avital. Thanks for always being the greatest chesed girl!

  • Rachel, Ray, Sammy, Ezra & Zamir Andron $36.00

    Avital!!!! You are so fabulous. Such a neshama and all around super woman!! Mazal tov.

  • Chana Zweiter $109.12

    You are terrific!

  • Linda and Larry Price $30.31

    Yeah Avital! Our Marathon Champ! Love, Linda and Larry

  • Ariel Hoffman $36.00

    You're awesome, Avital! This is great!!. Love Ariel