Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Aliza Shloush

I’ve been wanting to run with Yachad for a while now and this could finally be it!! Yachad is an amazing organization that helps people with special needs. I went on Yad B’Yad- yachad’s summer program and was a fellow (counselor for staff going into 12th grade) in Camp Shoshanim and... I LOVE YACHAD!!! I’m really looking forward to running if I can get the money! Thanks so much! Visit my team's page

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  • Yocheved R Simon $50.97

    SO proud of you!

  • Shlomo Simon $200.00

    I'm betting on you to win!

  • Barak Shloush $50.00

    Kol Hakavod Aliza!!!!

  • Yaacov Simon $180.00

    Go Aliza!

  • Rebecca Inoyatov $20.00

    So proud of you!! Good luck Aliza!!

  • Will Abrams $36.00

    Yes!!!!! You got this!

  • Rabbi Eliahu & Dr. Rita Shloush $100.00

    Our Amazing Aliza!! Kol HaKavod to you!! Saba & Savta

  • Stephanie & Steven Mitzner $36.00

    Good Luck!

  • Miri and binyamin Simon $51.10

    Go aliza...

  • Deena Clancy $137.00

    Go Aliza!

  • Sheila&Barry Feirstein $36.00

    Go Aliza! We’re cheering you on from longacre Avenue!

  • Uncle Gidi and Aunt Bonnie Shloush $100.00

    Aliza we are so proud of you!! Uncle Gidi and Aunt Bonnie and Family

  • Hillel Sternstein $180.00

    Kol HaKovod! Wish I could be running with you!!!

  • Team Yachad $250.00


  • Tova Feldheim $36.00

    Go Aliza!

  • Shawn Fischman FISCHMAN $275.00
  • Katz Avi $100.00

    Run Aliza Run!!

  • Yonah Jaffe $125.00

    Go Aliza!

  • Shlomo Simon $200.00

    Love you Aliza. Beat Beatie.

  • Yochi Simon $58.25

    Go Aliza!

  • Yaacov Simon $180.00


  • Corey Reichardt $72.00

    Go Aliza-We know you can do it!