Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Ahuva Ross

Welcome to my Team Yachad page! My name is Ahuva Ross and I am a senior at Ma'ayanot. I have been involved with Yachad for the past two and a half years since my incredible experience on the Yachad summer program Yad B'Yad. Yachad has become such an important and special part of my everyday life, and I am so excited to be able to run with them in the Jerusalem Marathon in March! Visit my team's page

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  • Team Yachad $250.00


  • Rivkah and David Felman $18.00
  • Marguerite Nunnally $100.00

    Run, girl, run!

  • Mia Labovitz $18.00
  • Steve and Batya Wertman $50.00

    Good luck! You are a champ!!!

  • Rachel and David Yolkut $50.00

    Good luck, Ahuva!

  • Erin Grossman $5.00

    thanks for the calculator case :)

  • Sara and Elly Fredman $50.00
  • Ora Hochberg $18.00

    Go Ahuva!! Thanks for the case can’t wait to see it tomorrow!!

  • Henry Holland $25.00
  • Susan and Mark Sperber $100.00

    Go Ahuva Go! We’re proud of you! Aunt Susie and Uncle Mark!

  • Judy Elias $18.00

    Friend of your Grandma Debbie Ross. Thank you for taking care of people in need.

  • Ilana Epstein $36.00

    Thank you Ahuva for the beautiful calculator!!

  • ruthie levi $180.00

    in honor of the best baking Oma!!!

  • Miriam and Izzy Salomon $36.00

    Your Oma made a delicious cake for me ! That’s my incentive for sponsoring your run. Good luck!

  • Tiferet Mondrow $18.00

    Yay Ahuva!! Thank you so much for the case and yummy "triple decker" brownies :) Love you so much and wishing you much hatzlacha <3

  • Rachel Rosen $25.00

    We are so proud of you! Good luck when you run the marathon and Kol HaKavod for raising funds for such an important tzedaka. Love, Your Rochester Cousins (Rachel Rosen and Ron Wexler)

  • Anonymous $150.00

    well done!!!! good luck>>>>> its people like you who help make the world BETTER PLACE!

  • Anonymous $140.00

    Kol haakvod Ahuva!

  • Lauren and Ari, Hayley, Chloe and Alex Greene $25.00

    Good luck and Yashar koach!

  • Gila Linzer $20.00

    Good luck ahuva! Thanks for the VCSO case!

  • Anonymous $18.00
  • Leah Wenger $18.00

    Good luck Ahuva!!

  • elana mandel $18.00
  • Leora Sperber $100.00

    Go Ahuva!!

  • Shelly and Harry Bloom $18.00

    Good luck on your run! Yasher Koach! Shelly and Harry Bloom ( cousin Elyssa’s in laws)

  • Sheara Fredman $1000.00

    Good luck and travel safe! Aunt She She

  • Tzipora Ross $60.00
  • Jack & Bonnie Eizikovitz $100.00
  • Benjamin & Ruth Lubick $118.00
  • Eric & Heidi Kuperman $80.00
  • Deborah Ross $20.00
  • Tzipora & Aaron Ross $56.00
  • David & Chaya Weisberg $36.00
  • Rachel Landesman $18.00
  • Nili Lang $10.00

    LETS GO AHUVAAAAAA❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️