Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Zahava Ganchrow

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  • Team Yachad $250.00


  • Rachel Domba $360.00

    I am so proud of you and the priorities you have made in your life. You are always an inspiration!

  • Anonymous $72.00
  • Altie Karper $72.00

    Go, Zehava!

  • Sheila and Paul Zubkoff $54.00

    Happy running! Aunt Sheila and Uncle Paul

  • Moshe and Deena Ganchrow $108.00

    We are so proud of you Zahava, keep up the great work that you do for such a great cause! Good luck! Uncle Moshe and Aunt Deena

  • Dianne and Stan Bekritsky $25.00

    Good luck, Zehava. Give our regards to our granddaughters who are also running this year - Hanna and Naava. They are running for Shalva.

  • Susan Ganchrow $100.00

    Yasher koach Zahava! I am so proud of you!

  • Shalom & Jessica Ganchrow $80.00

    Mazal Tov Zahava! Love Daddy, Jessie, Ephraim, Natan, Ilan, Buster & Mollie

  • Helen & Abe Fuchs $100.00

    Continue to make your parents proud! Looking forward to seeing you Pesach.

  • Shoshana Traum $180.00

    Zahava, we are so proud of you!! Love, Dov, Shoshana, Elana & Gaby Traum

  • Judah Ganchrow $108.00

    Keep up the good work Love, Uncle Yehuda Yonatan Elianna & Ariel

  • Michelle Goldstein $29.16

    It is amazing that you are once again running for such an amazing cause! Kol hakavod Zahava! Love, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Avram and all of your cousins

  • Ramona Sheppard $100.00

    Keep the faith!!!

  • Valentina Pokrovskaia $18.00
  • Rory Gross $118.00


  • Dixie Escolero $36.00
  • Roman Avshalumov $72.00
  • Thomas Reimel $36.00

    Best of Luck!!

  • Dora Thompson $18.00
  • Liza Henao $54.00
  • Maureen Tuinfort $36.00
  • Sofy and Daniel Yomtobian $180.00

    Tiskel Hamite it!

  • Aviva Meyer $36.00

    Miss you tons!!! Good luck on the race!!!!

  • Mzia Djanashvili $54.00
  • Match Donation $658.00
  • revaz chachanashvili $125.00

    good luck running Zahava

  • Bracha Katz-Pirutinsky $1000.00

    Dear Zahava, We are so proud of you and the wonderful work you are doing for others. Keep it up! Love, Bracha, Izzy and Oliver Pirutinsky