Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Nachum Freedman

Yachad is an originazation around the globe that helps provide inclusion for people with special needs. whether it is shabbatons, trips, or a chanuka party they are always trying to find ways to include everyone. The biggest thing that they run is rbc. This is a program that runs every day teaching kids with disabilities skills in different areas.Like credit card info, grocery store working, etc etc. with your donation we can help supply more great opportunities for everyone involved. Thank you so much! Visit my team's page

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  • Leah Weiswasser $10.00


  • Dvorah Spero $28.75

    Kol Hakavod!!! So proud of you!!

  • Anonymous $106.00
  • Joseph Gitler $72.00
  • Mandy Bortz $20.61

    Kol hakavod Nahum

  • Ram & viviane Elboim $43.19

    Bravo!! Good luck!!!

  • Ashi Harow $86.68

    Nachum, you are the greatest!!!

  • Michael Avruch $36.00
  • Bar-Ron Bar-ron $5.18


  • רוזנר rosner $34.67

    נחום הצלחה גדולה תזכה למצוות ולעזור לילדים החמודים!

  • Elchanan Ben-rachamim $36.00
  • Anonymous $28.92
  • Anonymous $26.11

    Thanks for making up the minyan

  • Ram & viviane Elboim $58.36
  • Debbie Berkowicz $36.00

    Kol hakavod