Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Meira Eckman

This will be my first time running with team yachad in the Jerusalem marathon and I couldn’t be more excited!!!
Yachad is an amazing organization that promotes inclusion in all aspects of Jewish life for all individuals with disabilities ❤️
Thank you so much for your support!!!!
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  • Debora Laufer $50.00


  • Rebecca Inoyatov $30.00

    so proud of you!! good luck Meira!!

  • Sonia Emmer $50.00

    I am very proud of u Love grandma

  • Susan Eckman $100.00

    Continue to be involved with Chesed.Kol ha-Kavod

  • Dena Salzberg $36.00

    Good luck Meira!!

  • Naomi & Benjy Eckman & Family $100.00

    You go girl!

  • Chaviva Salzberg $18.00

    Go Meira!!! I'm rooting for you!!!

  • David Weintraub $36.00

    Best of luck, Meira!

  • Kenneth Weiss $100.00

    Way to go Meira !!! So proud of you !!! Love kalman and leah

  • Harold Sokel $36.00
  • UJ Marin $36.00

    Eat your Wheaties....UJ

  • Frederick Klein $18.00

    Meira - yasher koach on this wonderful mitzvah - Fred Klein and Miriam Raphael

  • Michael Molk $50.00

    You go girl!!

  • Noah and Jess Steinberg $54.00

    Amazing !! Way to go!!

  • Robin Nachman $18.00

    Good luck Meira!!

  • Liora Rahmani $18.00

    Good luck Meira!!

  • Jerry Wolasky $180.00

    Meira , good luck no your run The Wolasky Family

  • Jonah Milobsky $10.00
  • Phil, Aaron, and David Pasmanik $18.00

    Good luck

  • Steve Pasmanik $25.00

    Meira, Great to see you supporting this and your goals. Enjoy the experience. Steve Pasmanik

  • Anonymous $185.00

    Cookie donations!

  • Team Yachad $250.00


  • marvin pazornick $100.00

    Good luck on marathon the Pazornicks

  • Michael Molk $50.00
  • Jackie Moskow $36.00

    This is so exciting- I hope you enjoy every minute!

  • Anonymous $103.00

    Cookie donations!

  • David Green $100.00

    Meira: Kol HaKavod for this wonderful mitzvah that you have taken upon yourself! David & Michal Green

  • Yossie & Hinda Davis $180.00

    In Honor of our 50+ Year Friendship with the Entire Eckman Family. Good Luck!! Best Wishes, Yossie & Hinda Davis and Family

  • David Drazen $36.00

    Best of luck, Meira! The Drazen Family

  • Dafna and David Emmer $43.19

    Good luck with the run. Kol HaKavod

  • Eliana and Benji Cohen $36.00

    כל הכבוד!

  • Anne Cohen $100.00

    Kol hakavod! So proud of you! Love Aunt Anne and Uncle Mark

  • Leah and Howard Weintraub $100.00

    Kol Hakavod! Love, Cousins Leah and Howie Weintraub

  • Anonymous $96.00

    Cookie donations

  • Israel Eckman $250.00

    Way to go Meira! We are very proud of you!

  • Mark and Lois Weintraub $100.00

    We are very proud of you - good luck

  • Perry Eckman $72.00

    You inspire me! You got this!!!

  • Lani Simon. $30.00

    Proud of you! Goodluck!

  • Heather Rutner $36.00

    Go Meira!

  • Stacey and Louis Emmer $100.00

    So proud of you - and doing this mitzvot

  • Anonymous $45.00