Jerusalem 2023

March 17 2023 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Donny Book

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  • Samuel Book $54.00

    In honor of Donny Book Zipi and Ephraim Book and family

  • Nochi Book $18.00

    Better start training…

  • Miriam and Elie Maron $18.00

    Go Donny!! We are so proud of your amazing devotion to the wonderful Yachad organization and for the incredible work that they do! Uncle Elie and Aunt Mim

  • Simcha Tzvi Olshan $54.00

    L'zchus Refuah Sheleimah - Nachman Shlomo Ben Leah Zissel

  • Melanie Book $49.08

    Noam used to take part. Am proud of you.l Love Aunty M

  • Mordy and Rachel Book $180.00

    Go, Donny, Go! Love, Mom and Abba and Nochi

  • Moshe Simmin $36.00

    We are rooting for you! Uncle Moshe and Tante Miriam

  • Shai Sabo $36.00
  • Donny Book $36.00

    In honor of Avi Proctor