Jerusalem 2022

March 25 2022 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Dahlia Mohl

Hi I'm Dahlia Mohl and I'm so excited to be running in the Jerusalem Marathon with Team Yachad! I have been involved with Yachad for over four years and it has completely changed my life. Through Yachad I have been able to cultivate such special and meaningful relationships with people that have disabilities. It would mean so much to me if you could donate, even the smallest amount will help me reach my goal!

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  • Oscar Mohl $180.00

    Good luck Dahlia!

  • Jennie and Reuven Mohl $360.00

    We are so proud of you! We love you so much!

  • Joanie and Richard Alexander $54.00

    So proud of you, Dahlia. Joanie and Richard Alexander

  • Motechin Miriam $180.00

    You are AMAZING!!!!

  • Diana Segarnick $54.00

    You love you! You are the best! Good luck! Aunt Diana and Uncle Les

  • Rachel and Stuart Abrahams $100.00

    The Abrahams family sends you lots of love!

  • Selma Levine $54.00

    Good Luck Dahlia! Our love, Aunt Selma and Uncle Norman

  • Bluestone Avi $108.00

    Continue running towards reaching your goals in life! We wish you all the best of luck- Fondest regards, Avi, Susie, Eliana, Effie, Marcus and Rosie

  • Shelley Badner $36.00

    Amazing Dahlia!!! From the Badner family

  • Robert, Courtney, Adam, Charlie & Emery Fishman $72.00

    Sending our love and support!

  • Ruthie & Fred Fishman $180.00

    A wonderful cause Ruthie & Fred

  • Silverberg Family $36.00

    Best of luck!!!

  • Steven Furer $36.00

    Great job. Steve and Vivi

  • Ilana & Matthew Blidner-Fishman $56.77

    A great cause! Sending love.