Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Chani Infield

Hey y’all!
This March I will be running the Jerusalem Marathon for team Yachad!!!!

If there’s anything to know about me, it’s that Yachad is an organization that is near and dear to my heart!

Yachad is an organization that works to service individuals with disabilities and their families within the Jewish community.

Between Shabbatons, weekday programming, summer programs, and more.... Yachad works to promote inclusion and offers amazing programming!

I have been involved with Yachad for more years than I can remember and your donation will only further help Yachad to continue it's amazing work!

Please help me reach my goal!

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  • Anonymous $5.00
  • Benny Berkowitz $54.00

    I love you! Good luck!

  • Aryeh Mack $18.00

    Good luck and stay strong

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Love, Ethel Leora

  • Sara and David Mechlin $100.00

    Good luck Chani!!! Tizku Lemitzvot!!!

  • Nathan Djanogly $10.00

    Make sure Zak does it please

  • Dikla Weitzner $72.00

    Good luck! You’re the best!!

  • Team Yachad $500.00

    Thank you for all you do for Yachad!

  • Adina Weitzner $27.68

    Don't sleep through this one :)

  • Mommy, Daddy, and Izzy Infield $100.00

    Good luck! We're proud of you!

  • Ralph Cooper $72.00


  • Anonymous $36.00

    Go Connie go!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous $70.00
  • Avi K. $300.00

    I would have given more, but this dumb website doesn't take Discover. I hope you're happy with yourselves, Yachad. You're hemorrhaging potential funds because you want to be inconvenient. Anyway, you got this, Chani!

  • Eli Ginsberg $50.00

    You go girl!

  • Izzy Infield $50.00

    I did it

  • Moshe Stuart $26.00

    Are you a twin?

  • Debbie & Stu Greenbaum $36.00

    Go Chani! You’ll do great! Love Debbie & Stu

  • Michele & jody Bardash $30.00

    Good luck Chani!! We love you! Love, michele & jody

  • Malki Infield $50.00

    Only did this so you'll stop getting sand on my desk. Good luck on the run

  • Linda Hoffman Linda and Harold Hoffman $36.00

    When your feet get tired run with your heart! Linda and Harold Hoffman

  • Rebecca Gordon $18.00

    All the best, Rebecca Gordon

  • Heidi $40.00
  • Helene Shoenfeld $36.00

    Team Infield

  • Batya Jacob $18.00
  • Chani Infield $20.00
  • The Karasicks $180.00

    Great job Chani! We’re so proud of you!

  • Match Donation $180.00
  • Esti Eisenbach $100.00

    Good luck! Can't wait to see you!

  • Marsha Greenberg $100.00
  • Dena Linn Rockoff & Terry Infield $100.00