Jerusalem 2019

March 15 2019 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Ben Englander

Hi, my name is Ben Englander and I live in White Plains, New York. This year I have decided that I would like to run in the 2019 Jerusalem Marathon on behalf of Team Yachad and my school Torah Academy of Bergen County. Yachad is an excellent organization that helps Jewish children with disabilities. I am fortunate to run for such a great cause, while I know others cannot. With your help I will be able to reach my goal in supporting Yachad. Thank you for your support.
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  • Mitchel Ashley $118.00

    Fantastic goal and cause Ben. Good luck.

  • Meredith and Adam Polsky $18.00

    Amazing, Ben! Good Luck and thanks for running for such a great cause! Aunt Meredith and Uncle Adam

  • Kendel Bornstein $36.00

    Have fun!

  • Bob Brody $36.00

    Way to go Ben! If only the Wolverines had as much dedication.

  • Ilana and Joseph Englander $180.00

    Ben, we are so proud of you for taking on this challenge, and for raising money for Yachad which is such a worthwhile cause. We wish you much success in this endeavor and in everything you set your mind to. Have fun! Much love, Mom and Abba

  • Carol, Ron and Binyamin Gonsher $18.00


  • Frank Kaufman $18.00

    This is such a worthwhile cause and special thing to do. Good luck in reaching your goal and in your participation in the marathon! With so many fond memories of having you gym classes, Mr. K

  • Todd Berman $50.00


  • Yosef Morrison $1.00

    Ben we are so proud of you hope you get your money and have a good run. look at that pic

  • Jacob Berman $18.00


  • Oshra and Hananel Rosenberg $18.00

    Good luck Ben! Hope to see you and your family in Israel! Beautiful goal.

  • Christine Elbert and Abdel Elanbassi $18.00

    We are proud of you, Ben!

  • Sharon and Jeff Lewis $108.00

    Go Ben!

  • Dana Savitsky $50.00

    Awesome accomplishment, Ben! Good luck!

  • Wolf Family $54.00

    Go Ben!

  • Linda Englander $180.00

    Want me to come?

  • linda ur $18.00

    fantastic Ben! good luck and have fun

  • Robbin and Matk Teitelbaum $180.00

    We are very proud of you!! Good luck in reaching your goal!!

  • Sam Kinches $18.00

    Happy to support you for such a great cause, good luck. Let's get this bread!

  • Helene and David Schonbrun $18.00

    Go Ben!

  • Warren Manspeizer $36.00

    You are doing a good deed for a worthy cause. Enjoy the run.

  • Jerry Litwin $100.00

    Ben, what a cool thing to do. Good luck!

  • Sandra Tannenbaum $50.00

    Good luck Ben! Enjoy! Aunt Sandy and Uncle Michael

  • Andrew & Wendy Tannenbaum $50.00

    Great job Ben!

  • Al Kustanowitz and Aviva Weinberg Kustanowitz $36.00

    Go for it, Ben. We'll be cheering for you from Florida! Great Uncle Al and Aviva

  • Sandy & Yael Rosenberg $50.00

    Go Ben! Kol Hakavod and good luck! Sandy,Yael, Jonathan, Ari and Maya Rosenberg

  • David and Stephanie Englander $72.00

    Thank you Ben and good luck in Jerusalem! Hope there are some good hills in White Plains that you can use for training.

  • David Weitz $25.00

    Train hard. I think there might be a place in White Plains that can help get you top condition. David, Jerri, and Samantha

  • Heather Manspeizer $36.00

    Ben, Good luck! We are so proud of you! Love, Aunt Heather, Emma and Adam

  • Ornah and Uri Heilman $18.00

    Good luck Ben!

  • alon and sheri Krausz $100.00

    Kol Hakavod, Ben!

  • Anonymous $250.00
  • Wendy Paisner $50.00
  • Jack and Barbara Levitz $36.00
  • Ari and Adina Shrage $100.00
  • Muriel Ashley $18.00
  • Kimberly Feltes Taylor $50.00

    Have a good run!

  • Justin Brasch $100.00

    Mazal Tov, We are so proud of you! This is a great cause.

  • Ilyssa Manspeizer $18.00

    Go Ben Go! Enjoy those hills!

  • Beth Schwartz $36.00

    Good luck Ben! You are terrific. We love you!

  • Liat & Benjy Karsch $180.00

    Go Ben! proud of you.

  • Jackie and Steven Saril $36.00

    Run Ben Run!!!

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Best of luck Ben!

  • Rozenshteyn Rozenshteyn family $100.00

    Go Ben- Go!!!

  • The Abramson Family $36.00

    Great Job!!

  • Goldberg Zachary $54.00

    Ben - Best of luck! The Goldberg Family

  • Isaac Shapiro and Family $36.00

    Way to go Ben!

  • Elana & Marc Rothenberg $180.00
  • Joseph Orlian $54.00

    Good luck Ben and yasher koach on this meaningful mission. The Orlian family

  • Ungar Family $36.00

    Good Luck!

  • Anonymous $150.00

    Great job Ben!

  • Ahuva and Shmuel Greenberg $100.00