Jerusalem 2020

March 12 2021 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Ari Saffra

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  • David and Rena Saffra $100.00

    We are so proud of you ari. We know you have been training for a long time. Best of luck!

  • Sharona and Jesse Ohayon $118.00

    Way to go Ari!!! We love you!

  • Max Thurm $360.00
  • norman saffra $380.00
  • Bubby & Omi $72.00

    Love ya! Run run run! Bubby and Omi

  • Sam Eisenstadter $36.00

    Shkoyach Ari! I, and the rest of the Mesorah teens family are so proud of you! Keep smiling

  • Yair Saperstein $36.00

    Go Ari! Go Yachad! Make us proud

  • Adena and Avi Saperstein $50.00

    Dear Ari, Enjoy the run on the Jerusalem hills. Best of luck. Adena and Avi Saperstein

  • Daniel Thurm $72.00

    Run Ari, Run!!!

  • Talia and Craig Englander $72.00

    What a great cause, we are so proud of you. Now Run Like the Wind!! Love, Talia and Craig

  • Yigal Saperstein $1.00

    Run Forrest Run!

  • Marc Matlis $18.00
  • Jakey Srulovich $18.00

    What an amazing thing you are doing Ari. Keep inspiring everyone around you.

  • Jeffrey & Deborah Fine $25.00

    Have a great run and enjoy the beauty of Israel.

  • Netanel Fruchter $36.00

    Keep running for mitzvos!!!

  • Moti Schreck $36.00
  • Yoni Pomerantz $36.00

    Enjoy Israel!!!

  • Anonymous Anonymous $18.00
  • Freddie Grunsfeld $18.00

    Good luck Ari!!

  • Sean Steinberg $25.00

    Ari you are one motivated young man!!! Keep on making Hashem proud!!!!

  • Hillel Broder $18.00

    Kol Hakavod!!

  • Lisa Hecht $36.00
  • Renee Sojcher $18.00

    Go Ari!!! I may be there to cheer you on in person!

  • Hustle & Heart Sports $36.00

    Have an amazing time & Good luck!

  • Aaron Fleksher $18.00

    Go Ari! -Rabbi Fleksher

  • Adam Englander $18.00

    Go Ari! We are proud of you!

  • Josh Elsant $18.00


  • Jeremy Klein $18.00

    Good luck! Hope we get to run together!

  • Suzi Scharf $18.00

    עד כמה רחוק קורן אורו של הנר הקטן! כך זורח מעשה טוב בעולם ייגע. וויליאם שייקספיר, הסוחר מוונציה

  • Anonymous $45.00

    DRS is supporting you!

  • Rabbi Y Ungar ungar $18.00

    Go Ari. I was always proud of you. Keep running/ shtieiging for greatness!!

  • Yael and Norman Saffra $180.00

    All of our love Mommy and Daddy

  • Jack Radinsky $5.00
  • Jack Radinsky $1.00

    I am only donating since you peer pressured me. Also, this donation is in honor of CoCo an Taco!

  • Rina Korman $36.00

    Way to go Ari!!! So proud of you!! Mrs. Korman

  • Raz Amar $50.00

    Way to go!

  • Nathan Lieberman $36.00

    Ari you are awesome

  • Assaf Perl $9.00
  • Dahlia and Tzvi Saperstein $72.00

    Go Ari!! We are so proud of you and The entire team !

  • Simcha Schachter $36.00

    Cant wait to watch you run by me at the 10k!

  • Eitan Pak $18.00
  • Dena Isaacs $36.00

    Go Ari!!!!

  • Anonymous $18.00

    Go Ari! Keep inspiring us!

  • Tamar Soffer $18.00
  • Phyllis Hammer $250.00

    So proud of you. Boston marathon next!

  • Cheryl & Mordechai Schreck $36.00

    Go Ari! Good luck!

  • Noah Steinmetz $18.00
  • Match Donation $579.00
  • Rafi Englard $36.00

    Go Ari

  • Jake and Ilene Rispler $72.00

    We will be thinking of you with pride and love.

  • Anonymous $36.00